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The most successful pond designs are based on a single unifying theme. To simplify the pond construction process, we can supply complete kits of professional-quality components required to build eight popular themes in a wide range of pond sizes. Depending of the theme, kits may include pond liners or coatings, protection fabrics, energy-efficient water or air pumps, reliable filters, bacteria, and all the plumbing required. Our staff will customize the kits to meet the requirements of any project, or you can choose to order selected components using our kits as guidelines.

Our standard pond themes are described in detail on the pages that follow:

A Lily Pond is a tranquil body of water covered with water lilies and other floating aquatic plants. Filtration is provided by a downflow gravel filter, and a very small waterfall is used to create sound and visual interest.

A Rock Pond attempts to recreate the effect of natural stream ecosystem where moving water has stripped the soil and left only the rocks. It features a surface skimmer and a waterfall box that also serves as a filter.

A Formal Pond is a geometric shape with vertical walls and well-defined edges. Our formal pond kit is rectangular and features a custom-fitted pond liner with welded corners to avoid folds. A fountain in the center creates sound and serves as a simple filtration system.

A Koi Pond is designed for optimal waste removal and filtration required to keep a large number of fish in a small space. Filtration is provided by vortex or pressure filters, typically operated with energy-efficient external pumps.

A Marsh Pond replicates the transition between wet soil and open water that would typically be found at the edge of naturally occuring earth ponds. The open water area is kept clean with a surface skimmer and filtration is provided by an upflow gravel filter.

A Fountain Pond is a body of water with a floating fountain that shoots water into the air. Good water quality is achieved by the fountain aeration combined with the application of natural bacteria.

A Still Pond is a pond without any pumping system, either because it is too large to pump and filter economically or because a waterfall or fountain is not desired. Good water quality is achieved with the use of a compressed-air aeration system combined with the application of natural bacteria.

A Pondless Watercourse features a waterfall and stream flowing into water-filled gravel bed, often with no open water. The gravel bed serves at the filtration system.


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