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Since there are no standards for plumbing used in the water-garden industry, connecting components from different suppliers can be challenging. Three filters with what appear to be 1" threaded inlets may require three different fittings because one has an American pipe thread, one has a British pipe thread, and one has a metric pipe thread. Three hoses can all be labeled "1/2 inch" yet one will measure exactly 1/2" inside ("true-size" hose), one will measure slightly less than 1/2" inside (12mm metric hose), and one will measure 5/8" inside (1/2" pipe-size)! Even when parts do fit together, they may not look attractive because some are black, some are white, some are gray, some are beige, and some are green.

All of our hoses, pipes, valves, disconnects, and fittings are made to American pipe standards, so everything fits together perfectly. All are carefully designed and made of superior-quality materials to assure permanent watertight connections. All are black or dark gray to be inconspicuous in a natural setting.


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