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We supply an extensive range of components to build landscape water features, koi ponds, rain gardens, constructed wetlands, water reservoirs, and stormwater runoff basins.

We are experts in rubber pond liner technology and can provide complete technical support for projects from 100 to 10,000,000 square feet anywhere in the world. Our liners remain flexible in the coldest weather, conform to complex shapes, and last almost indefinitely. We also offer protection fabrics, energy-efficient submersible and external pumps, mechanical and biological filters, natural biological controls, aerators, and other products to circulate water and maintain water quality. We only sell professional-quality products that are durable and effective, suitable for landscape professionals or discriminating homeowners.

We stock what we sell. We don't just take orders and have others ship for us: if you see an item listed on this website, it's probably in stock in our warehouse. This means we can ship quickly, usually within 24 hours. We can also maintain excellent quality control, since we inspect each item and pack very carefully to assure everything arrives in good condition.

We provide expert technical support. When you place an order, our technical support specialists will recommend the best size and type of pond liner, analyze pump and filter requirement, and determine all the required plumbing fittings and accessories. When you have an installation question, we'll usually have the answers. And when something doesn't work, we'll be there to help solve the problem.

Our prices are also very competitive. Because we purchase in large volumes, we can sell at very affordable prices. We also offer wholesale pricing for landscape contractors and garden centers: for more information, call and ask for dealer sales.







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