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Optigreen Aluminum Edge is used to retain soil at roof edges, to separate soil from gravel borders, and to separate soil from paved areas. Hundreds of small holes are punched on the vertical leg to provide ample drainage while retaining soil. Two standard heights are available: 4” (100mm) and 6” (150mm). Both are made from a 60 mil (1.5mm) high-strength aluminum alloy, and both have a 6” (150mm) extra-wide base flange for stability. The flange can also be taped or welded to underlying membranes or fabrics through the large holes provided.

Aluminum Edge is supplied in 79” (2m) lengths. Multiple edges are joined by connectors that slide into folds in their edges, and welded corners with both inside and outside flanges join with the same connectors to provide strong, attractive corners.


aluminum edge 100 x 150
aluminum edge


100mm inside

corner with inside flange

100mm outside

corner with outside flange


straight connector 150

connector for aluminum edge and corners


aluminum edge assembly

connectors interlock edges and corners


aluminum at parapet
Optigreen Aluminum Edge can be used to
separate green roof soil from a gravel edge band.


aluminum at pavers
Optigreen Aluminum Edge can be used to separate green roof soil
from a paver deck (shown here supported on paver pedestals).


aluminum at roof edge
Optigreen Aluminum Edge can be used to retain green roof soil at the
edge of a roof. The aluminum edge can be secured to waterproofing
membranes or root barrier membranes with cold-applied tapes
(see below), heat-applied strips or liquids sealers.


taping aluminum edge

taping an aluminum edge to an EPDM rubber membrane


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