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Optigreen Triangular Drainage Channel is embedded in granular drainage media in order to carry excess water to roof drains or scuppers. Each element is 1m (40”) long and 50mm (2”) tall and has a unique triangular cross-section that provides optimal surface area and prevents the channel from floating upward. Interlocking ends allow 90° rotation and tees permit branching.


triangular drainage channel

triangle tee

drainage tee

triangles 45 left triangles straight triangles 45 right

drainage channel ends snap together and permit rotation
to any angle between 45° left and 45° right


SYSTEM DESIGN: The illustrations that follow show how to design and build typical drainage channel manifolds. For optimum performance, every point on the roof should be within two channel lengths of a drain channel: this will require at least one channel for every 50 square feet of roof area.


attach triangle to box
Cut off end of triangle, remove knock out,
and insert triangle into box.



assembling drainage triangles
Assemble the drainage triangle system using one of the
following designs or a custom design we will supply.


triangle flag configuration

drainage to corner of roof


triangle tree configuration

drainage to center of one side of roof



triangle square configuration

drainage to center of roof


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