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By controlling air and vapor flow in buildings, it's possible to dramatically reduce building energy consumption and the potential for moisture-related building deterioration. We offer extraordinary quality components for energy-efficient building including weatherseals, glazing gaskets, building gaskets, air/vapor control films, occupant-sensing ventilation systems, insulated attic ladders and hatches, and a variety of tapes and sealants.

WEATHERSEALS: Our seals are designed to be milled directly into jambs or door bottoms, giving custom millwork shops and builders the means to make airtight windows and doors. We produce each shape in a range of colors from the best silicones available. Sealing existing hinged windows and doors is incredibly quick and easy with our affordable corner-grooving machine that cuts a groove in the corner of rabbeted jambs. The groove holds five seals for gaps from 0 to 3/8”. As an alternative where grooving is impractical, such as for metal jambs, we offer a series of silicone tubes without the "tails" that are designed to be adhered with silicone caulk. We also offer a range of reliable and effective door-bottom systems. (Please note that we cannot supply replacement weatherstrip for most production windows.)


OCCUPANT-SENSING VENTILATION:  Energy-efficient homes need mechanical ventilation to maintain indoor air quality and prevent building deterioration. Unfortunately, conventional ventilation techniques have significant limitations: intermittent systems don't control background air pollutants, while continuous systems can't respond to changes in occupant behavior. Our solution consists of a super-efficient central exhaust fan connected to automatic grilles installed in the bathrooms and kitchen. The grilles adjust their air flow by sensing humidity and occupancy. When humidity levels rise, or when someone enters a room, airflow rates automatically boost sixfold to maintain good air quality and control moisture without user intervention.


AIRTIGHT ATTIC LADDERS:  These folding attic access ladders are far superior to typical attic ladders in terms of energy efficiency, construction quality, and ease of installation. The door panel is internally insulated with two-inches of rigid foam and features an uninterrupted perimeter weatherstrip, a gas-piston counterbalance (no springs!), and a multi-point, key-operated locking system. Thick wood steps are doweled to the side rails, and the rails are joined with sturdy steel hinges. The system is designed for rapid installation and includes spring-steel mounting clips, integral trim flanges, and pre-finished surfaces that eliminate the need for bracing, casing and painting.



AIR AND VAPOR CONTROL FILMS  Failure to control air and moisture movement through walls, roofs, and floors can lead to rotting sheathing, warped siding, mold at building corners, damp basements and other indicators of building deterioration. To prevent these problems, we offer the latest European air and vapor control films. For example, Tenoarm is a vapor-barrier film formulated to last for several hundred years. It's ideal for use within walls and ceilings, under concrete slabs, and on the exterior of wood or masonry foundations.

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BUILDING GASKETS:  Our cellular EPDM rubber gaskets seal virtually every building joint where air leakage could occur including mud sills, rim joists, wall plates, and window openings. They are safe and clean to use, remain flexible at any temperature, and should last the life of the structure. Because they are capable of sealing joints with substantial movement, these gaskets are also ideal for joints in buildings made from structural insulated panels, logs, and heavy timbers. We also supply adjustable screws for mounting windows and doors: used in combination with our gap-filling rubber gaskets, the position of the window or door can be precisely adjusted within the wall opening while maintaining a perfect seal.

spray foam

GASKETS, CAULKS, TAPES, AND FILLERS:  We offer rubber gaskets to dry-mount window glass, high-performance tapes to seam plastic films and rubber membranes, professional-quality caulks to seal moving joints, spray foam to insulate and seal static joints (features an HCFC-free propellant), and a state-of-the-art, epoxy, wood-repair compound to restore old woodwork.


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